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Domestic and Offshore###DISCLAIMER:2_0 Offshore Funds### Short-term Investment Solutions

For nearly 100 years, Union Bank has provided comprehensive custody solutions to organizations requiring securities processing, reporting, and safekeeping services. Our streamlined interface is designed with institutional investors in mind, to help them manage portfolio diversification and save administrative time, and provides instant access featuring:
  • Comprehensive library of fund information
  • Downloadable asset and transaction reports
  • Efficient liquidity management for all your accounts through a single User ID
  • Flexible investment compliance module
  • Risk mitigation through dual-authorization trading
  • Ability to:
    • Analyze underlying holdings of money market mutual funds showing exposure by categories
    • Conveniently view account statements through Online Trust & Custody
    • Compare holding attributes of hypothetical portfolios to current portfolio holdings
    • Easily trade using batch or future-dated features
    • Track daily fund performance

Additional Online Support for Your Portfolio

Our secure online systems provide detailed account information:
tcm:9-41789 To learn more about MoneyPort® or to view a product demonstration, call 1-800-490-8262.