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Comprehensive Range of Trust Services

Our experience helps us meet the stringent requirements of acting on your behalf as:
  • Collateral agent or trustee
  • Security agent
  • Escrow agent
  • Account bank
  • Depositary bank
  • Securities intermediary

A Full-Service Provider

MUFG Union Bank, N.A., a member of MUFG, a global financial group, assists you to fulfill obligations, such as:
  • Reviewing the terms of your deal and its documentation prior to closing for a full understanding of the transaction
  • Adhering to the terms and provisions of governing documents
  • Monitoring document milestones, trigger events, force majeure, debt service coverage ratios, and minimum balance requirements
  • Maintaining account balances, monitoring permitted investment restrictions, and managing foreign exchange requirements
  • Maintaining the required priority waterfall
  • Transferring funds on a timely basis
tcm:9-41761 To learn more about our project finance service expertise, call 1-800-490-8262.