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National Banking Access from a Single Location
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Expert cash and checking services
tcm:9-41678 For more information, call Treasury Management Sales at 1-800-883-0285.

Automated Clearing House (ACH)

Electronic services automate collections, so you can better forecast and optimize your cash flow and simplify your accounting procedures. Our services speed collections while reducing float times, manual data entry errors, and costs.

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Receivables STP (RSTP)

Take the costly and time-consuming manual processes out of receivables reconciliation to greatly improve the efficiency of the collections cycle. The RSTP portal solution expedites back-end processing through receivables matching, with deduction and exception workflows tailored to your business, as well as detailed reporting and analytics.

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Total Biller Service

Improve access to working capital, expedite receivables processing, reduce costs, and boost customer satisfaction by offering convenient bill presentment and payment options. Total Biller Solution lets you bill and receive both business-to-consumer and business-to-business payments more efficiently— with benefits for you and your customer.

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Cash Vault

Receive fast and accurate processing delivered by high-speed, multiple back-up systems from one of the largest cash vault networks. Same-day cash deposit reporting and superior internal controls provide timely, accurate cash deposit verification and change order fulfillment.


Access your receivables faster and reduce operating expenses with Union Bank's lockbox services. Take advantage of online access to information about current-day activity as well as history for 180 business days.

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Remote Deposit

Scan your checks and then deposit them directly into your Union Bank account electronically. You can make deposits on your schedule -- day or night -- and save a trip to the bank. Built-in audit controls ensure the accuracy of deposits, while leading industry security and safety protocols protect your deposit information.

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Cash Concentration

Combine funds from different accounts into one central account to reduce balance fees and increase efficiencies. Consolidating cash into a single account allows you to maintain smaller cash balances and identify available excess cash for short-term investments.

Bill Concentration

Collect and record online bill payments automatically made through any bank or online bill payment service across the U.S. By using Union Bank's bill concentration services, you can lower clerical expenses and reduce data entry errors.

Merchant Services

Offer your customers more ways to pay when you partner with Union Bank and Vantiv for merchant services. With a wide range of card and point-of-sale solutions, you can enjoy a one-stop solution for all your banking and processing needs.
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