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ACH Origination

Electronically collect and disburse funds anywhere in the U.S. as well as certain international locations. Union Bank ACH origination services help you optimize cash flow, improve accuracy and collections, increase customer satisfaction, and save time and money.

ACH Receipt

Receive details of incoming electronic transactions, and consolidate multiple incoming payments for easy reconcilement. Protect your accounts against unauthorized receipt transactions with our electronic fraud prevention services including blocks, EPAs, and UPICs.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Reduce costs and streamline collections and payments. The Union Bank EDI service allows you to electronically exchange invoices and increase the security and accuracy of payments and remittance advices. EDI helps reduce the costs of payment and remittance advice processing; eliminate manual data entry; and reduce the potential for forged, lost, or stolen checks.

Common ACH Transactions

There are several common types of ACH origination and receipt transactions:

Origination Transactions
  • Recurring payments – Set up automatic electronic payments. This is typically used for direct deposit of employee payroll checks.
  • Preauthorized collections – Withdraw funds from customer accounts, for example, to collect monthly utility payments.
  • Business-to-business payment with or without remittance detail — Make one payment for up to 10 invoices online.
  • Paper check conversion – Convert paper checks into electronic payments.
  • Web or telephone payments – Accept and process customer payments made on your website or through your telephone payment service.
  • International payments – Pay suppliers outside the US to selected countries.
Receipt Transactions
  • Preauthorized debits – Allow vendors and trading partners to withdraw funds electronically from your account.
  • Preauthorized credits – Allow vendors and trading partners to pay you electronically.

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