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Account Reconcilement

Receive detailed reporting of your check writing activity and get better control over disbursements while reducing costs and freeing up resources and staff for more productive activities.

Union Bank offers a wide range of account reconcilement plans tailored to fit your specific needs and accounting cycles. With our flexible features and options, you can improve your audit trail reporting, receive more accurate and timely information, reduce clerical time errors, and take advantage of the opportunity to reconcile in a single day.

Controlled Disbursement

Receive daily notifications of checks presented for payment on your account before they are posted. Early each day, Union Bank provides you with your funding requirement, which allows you to determine the precise amount of cash available so you can take full advantage of investment opportunities.

Manage disbursements and help protect against fraud with Same Day Positive Pay so items returned never post to your account. Call your relationship manager to learn more about Union Bank disbursement services.
tcm:9-41766 Contact your relationship manager or call Treasury Management Sales at
1-800-883-0285 for an in-person consultation.