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Protecting yourself against online threats.

Positive Pay

Safeguard funds and help prevent fraud with early detection of altered or unauthorized checks. Positive Pay helps identify potentially fraudulent checks by examining fields such as check amount or payee name and sending alerts when there are discrepancies between the check information you provide and checks presented for payment.

ACH Debit Blocks

Help protect your business from unauthorized ACH entries by automatically blocking those ACH debits and/or credits from posting to an account. Unauthorized ACH transactions are automatically returned to the originating bank.

ACH Positive Pay

Mitigate the risks of fraudulent debit transactions on your account. Establish allowable maximum dollar amounts or number of debits, define criteria to filter incoming debits, and make exception decisions easily online. Plus, you can request email notifications about exceptions as well as add dual control authorization to make pay/no pay decisions.


Reduce the risk of releasing your bank account information. A Universal Payment Identification Code (UPIC) is a generic number that is associated with your bank account, allowing you to keep your account number confidential.

Online Security

Protect against fraud with technologies designed to enhance control over access to your online account information and payment transaction services. Union Bank offers IP address restriction, token authentication, and dual-control security -- three important security tools -- at no additional cost.

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