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Savings###DISCLAIMER:2_0 MoneyMarket Transfer Limits-long### Accounts

Receive a competitive rate of interest compounded daily on unlimited deposits with access to ATMs for withdrawals and transfer transactions.
  • Business Savings:  Keep funds fully liquid.
  • Business Money Market:  Earn a market rate of interest on daily account balances.

Time Deposits (CDs)

Benefit from time deposit account features, including:
  • Flexible term lengths depending on the amount of your opening deposit (from seven-day to five-year terms)
  • Fixed interest rates
  • FDIC insured up to the permissible limit
Choose from a variety of time deposits###DISCLAIMER:2_0 Time Deposit CDs minimum deposit### to meet your business needs:
  • Payment Bond Time Deposit:  Available to businesses that need to post a bond.
  • Public Funds Time Deposit:  Collateralized in accordance with government codes applicable to the public agency.
  • Foreign Currency Time Deposit###DISCLAIMER:2_0 Foreign Currency Time Deposit###:  Available in several currencies and denominated in the foreign currency selected.
Interest rates are set by Union Bank and are subject to market conditions and your account's balance and term.

Compare Interest-Bearing Accounts

Choose a Union Bank interest-bearing account to meet your goals and account activity needs. From savings and money markets to CDs and tiered interest checking, we offer a broad range of accounts for your business.

Compare accounts

Don't let your business funds remain idle. Talk to your relationship manager about Union Bank interest-bearing accounts.
tcm:9-41766 Contact your relationship manager or call Treasury Management Sales at
1-800-883-0285 for an in-person consultation.