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We Focus on Your Business

Union Bank has served the bankruptcy community for years with a full range of products and services. With memberships in the National Association of Bankruptcy Trustees "NABT", American Bankruptcy Institute "ABI" and the Turnaround Management Association "TMA", we fully understand the needs of the bankruptcy community.

You will receive exceptional customer service from our dedicated senior relationship managers with experience in bankruptcy services and our specially trained bankruptcy customer service associates.

Union Bank serves as an approved depository for the United States Trustee System in all 50 states and has the expertise in posting the required collateral to insure bankruptcy deposits.

Products and Services Tailored to the Unique Needs of Bankruptcy Trustees

Union Bank has a full range of reorganization services and products tailored for bankruptcy professionals, including customized and automated services designed to reduce administration and time necessary to manage account information.

Chapter 7 Services

Union Bank has the experience and the tools you need to process your cases with greater efficiency and accountability. Seamlessly integrate case data and financial information in one convenient location. Our products and services include:
  • Online banking services integrated with bankruptcy case management software
  • Automated provision and certification of case TINs
  • Online Statements
  • Images on the web
  • Returned Items on the web
  • Sorting capabilities for paper statements in alphabetical order by case name or number

Chapter 11 Services

Union Bank provides a full range of customized banking and treasury management services designed specifically for the debtor-in-possession. Our knowledgeable team takes care of the details, so you can reduce clerical expenses and spend less time managing client banking activities throughout every stage of the process.

Reorganization Services

Our reorganization services team will work with you at every stage of the bankruptcy process.

Stage Our Services
  • Work with you and your clients to determine the financial services appropriate to the particular situation
  • Assist with accounts payable and payroll to ensure good funds are available for disbursement prior to filing
  • Design a bank account structure and implement appropriate treasury management products postpetition
  • Ensure appropriate deposit collateralization
  • Report account information to the U.S. Trustee, required for Chapter 11 filings
  • Establish plan disbursement accounts with you and your clients
  • Assist with the distribution of funds using our fully automated check production system
  • Act as liaison between your clients and Union Bank's comprehensive banking and trust services
  • Help your clients work toward building a successful future after they emerge from Chapter 11 with investment services, offered by UnionBanc Investment Services###DISCLAIMER:2_0 Investments 3###, and insurance resources, offered by UnionBanc Insurance Services###DISCLAIMER:2_0 CA Insurance License###
tcm:9-41799 For more details about how reorganization services can help you, contact us at 1-866-729-1164.