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Native American Financial Services

Union Bank has served Native American tribes for more than 16 years and maintains a specialized group dedicated to serving the needs of Native American tribes as they seek to generate revenues, diversify economic activities, and develop reservation infrastructure.

Our dedicated relationship management team has the experience needed to provide effective banking and treasury management solutions for the unique requirements of Native American tribes.

Services for Native American Tribes

  • Transaction Banking Services — Improve your tribal government and business enterprise's treasury management function through customized solutions designed to accelerate collections, manage disbursements, optimize use of funds, reduce accounting costs, and streamline reporting.
  • Minor's Trust Services — Trust and estate specialists can help protect and preserve your wealth through the administration of numerous trust structures, working with your other advisors to ensure that your wishes are carried out.
  • UnionBanc Investment Services###DISCLAIMER:2_0 Investments 2### — Their financial advisors provide a level of experience and service that complements their dedication and their ability to meet your evolving investment needs, in both the short and long term.
  • HighMark Capital Management###DISCLAIMER:2_0 HighMark- Default Version Short### — Union Bank, its subsidiaries, and affiliates provide the investment experience, resources, and choices that help tribal organizations effectively manage investments, risk, and liquidity.
  • Purchase cards###DISCLAIMER:2_0 Purchasing Edition### — Simplify your tribal government and business enterprise's purchasing process by using the Purchasing Edition® card. Reduce time and expense related to business purchases and payments.
  • Employee Banking Services — Employees are among your organization's most valuable assets. Give them a valuable benefit plan with help from Union Bank. From retirement plans to employee checking, our flexible services will enable you to provide benefits that can help attract and retain quality employees.
tcm:9-41768 Let the professionals at Union Bank help with our services specifically designed for Native American tribes. For more information, contact Union Bank at 1-800-833-4758.