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Financial Institution Banking

The financial community is experiencing a period of profound change: continuing consolidation, increasing competition, advanced technology, and new regulations. As a market leader, Union Bank understands these changes and offers innovative solutions to help financial institutions become successful market players. For over 60 years, we have worked with financial institutions of every size to enhance the scope of their banking services.

Institutions We Serve

  • National banks
  • Regional banks
  • Community banks
  • Credit unions
  • Industrial banks
  • Bankers banks
  • Corporate credit unions

Correspondent Banking Services

Our financial institution clients can improve daily operating efficiencies and offer customers a broad range of competitive financial products and services:
  • Image cash letter, check processing, and national cash vault services
    • Improve efficiencies with check processing and cash vault services tailored to the needs of financial institutions.
    • Check processing services offer image cash letter processing, market availability, clearing expertise, and customized pricing.
    • National cash vault services include coin and currency deposited/furnished, bond coupon processing, foreign bank note and armored carrier and wholesale cash vault services.
  • Global treasury management services — Access a full array of sophisticated cash management services for financial institutions.
  • Global trade services — Expand global market presence and mitigate payment risks with payment services for financial institutions.
  • Credit services###DISCLAIMER:2_0 Loans - No States###
    • Use Fed fund lines for additional sources of liquidity.
    • Use Letters of Credit to support customer trade activity.
    • Reverse Repurchase Agreement lines for additional short-term liquidity.
  • Interest Rate Management Products — to manage interest rate risk for the financial institution and its customers.
  • Brokerage and Investment Advisory Services — Our subsidiaries, UnionBanc Investment Services and HighMark Capital Management, can help you identify investment opportunities and provide you with professional advisory services for your institution.###DISCLAIMER:2_0 Brokerage-investment-advisory-services###
  • Foreign exchange — Improve fee income through international trade, foreign currency derivatives, and international payment services in both US Dollar and foreign currencies, including all required disclosures.###DISCLAIMER:2_0 Security Risk###
  • Institutional custody services
    • Convenient and comprehensive, single-source custody solutions, including securities processing, reporting, and safekeeping services for financial and investment entities.
    • Access advisors and custody experts through our extensive network of professionals.
Ask A Financial Institutions Specialist
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