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Operate More Efficiently and Reduce Your Exposure to Fraud

Union Bank understands the specialized needs of the time-sensitive escrow industry. Our industry specialists have been providing solutions and support for escrow companies for over 45 years. We can help you operate more efficiently and reduce your exposure to fraud.

The escrow team keeps up to date on industry trends and issues through active memberships and participation in trade associations, including:
  • Escrow Institute of California
  • California Escrow Association


Easy online wire initiation Wire initiation until 3:00 p.m. Pacific Time, Monday through Friday, excluding federal holidays, with an immediate confirmation of the Federal Reserve reference number.
Easy, timely access to information Check imaging services that provide access to paid checks, deposit tickets, and associated checks online.
Fast, reliable wire confirmation Real-time, current day access to complete transaction data for incoming and outgoing wire transfers through safe and secure on-line reporting.
Easy initiation of stop payments Stop payment initiation via the web, with immediate confirmation for checks paid within the past 60 days.
Fast access to bank statements Bank statements online that enable fast access and account reconciliation.
Fraud protection Positive Pay services that enable you to review checks presented against your accounts before they are paid.
Convenient deposit processing Make deposits to your Union Bank account from your desk anywhere in the United States. Save time and increase funds availability with our remote deposit service. You can electronically scan and deposit your checks quickly and conveniently 24/7.

tcm:9-41757 Get the time-sensitive banking services the escrow industry requires. Call Union Bank's specialists at 1-800-746-5780 to learn more.