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About HighMark Capital Management

HighMark Capital Management, Inc. (HCM) is a premier asset management firm that has delivered compelling investment results while managing risk for more than 90 years.

Proprietary fundamental and quantitative research coupled with distinctive asset allocation methodologies allow us to effectively manage an array of single- and multiasset investment strategies available through separate accounts, collective investment trusts, and mutual funds.

Investment Strategies

HCM provides client-driven investment capabilities across a broad range of style-specific strategies that harness the expertise of both proprietary and external managers. We apply a disciplined, consistent process to actively managed portfolios spanning equity, fixed income, liquidity management, and multiasset class, as well as customized investment management strategies.

Fund Strategy
Equity Utilizes a bottom-up research methodology within a top-down macroeconomic framework to identify and control individual security and portfolio risks. In-depth fundamental and quantitative research is used to identify companies with desirable business attributes.
Fixed Income Seeks to identify high-quality taxable and tax-exempt issues through intensive market and credit research. Careful management of interest rate and credit risk aims to minimize portfolio volatility.
Cash Management Aims to provide safety, liquidity, and yield in the management of cash and excess working capital. Market sectors and individual securities are analyzed with the goal of enhancing diversification and reducing portfolio volatility. Investment-grade domestic and foreign dollar-denominated securities are included.
Multiasset Class Emphasizes active strategic and tactical asset allocation with the goal of maximizing returns while minimizing volatility.
Customized Investment Management Seeks competitive, risk-adjusted performance through asset allocation, driven by a personalized portfolio strategy.

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Institutional Services
HCM has a distinctively diverse client base and offers services and solutions tailored for their specific needs.
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