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tcm:9-41744 Trade Finance

Southern California
Jack Vigil, 1-213-236-5038
Cristina Purugganan, 1-213-236-5372

Northern California/Pacific Northwest
Craig Schumann, 1-925-947-2438

Retail/Business Bank Trade Finance
Quentin Lo, 1-213-236-4061

Antony Chisholm, 1-213-236-7982
Trade Operations Manager
Benedicto (Ben) Cortes, 1-323-720-2270
tcm:9-41677 Help facilitate your international trade with our global trade solutions. Call your Global Trade Advisor or 1-800-858-9120 to learn more.

Export Services

Expand overseas sales and mitigate risk to enhance profitability.

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Import Services

Manage risk when purchasing goods from foreign suppliers with the help of our Global Trade Advisors.

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Standby Letters of Credit

Support contractual arrangements, including open account trade obligations and bid and performance bonds, using Standby Letters of Credit issued by Union Bank.

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Online Global Trade Services

Manage your global purchasing and payments with the help of our Global Trade Advisors.

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Letters of Credit

Facilitate the flow of goods and payments across international and domestic boundaries.

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Compare Solutions for Importers and Exporters

Review at a glance our solutions and tools to manage your global trade transactions.

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