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Strategies to Manage Foreign Currency Risk

Our knowledgeable foreign exchange specialists can discuss strategies to manage risk and minimize the impact of exchange-rate fluctuations by using the right FDIC-insured foreign currency account.

Foreign Currency Demand Accounts

Maintain a non-interest-bearing foreign currency account to make and receive payments.

No minimum balance is required.

Foreign Currency Time Deposits

Use foreign currency balances to potentially take advantage of foreign interest rates.

Receive competitive interest rates with terms from one month to one year on minimum opening deposits equivalent to $25,000###DISCLAIMER:2_0 Foreign Currency Interest### .

Strengthen Your Competitive Position

Union Bank Foreign Currency Demand Accounts and Foreign Currency Time Deposits can help you achieve your international goals:
  • Convenience:  Receive and make payments in most commonly traded foreign currencies to avoid unnecessary conversions.
  • Lower costs:  Control conversion costs by maintaining foreign currency balances at Union Bank.
  • Competitive advantage:  Negotiate prices in foreign currencies without having to consider the current rate and cost of conversion.
tcm:9-41763 Talk to Union Bank's foreign exchange specialists by calling 1-866-868-4034.
Diversify with Foreign Currency Time Deposits.
Foreign Exchange Advisor
Foreign Exchange Specialists Case Study
Learn how we helped a client manage foreign currency risk exposure.
Global Trade Services Finance
Global Trade Services
Structure business solutions that help meet your specific trade needs.
Send foreign currency wires from your foreign currency account to anywhere in the world.