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Oil & Gas Banking Services

Union Bank has been a leading provider of banking services to the independent oil exploration and production sector for nearly 30 years -- consistently ranking in the Top 10 Arrangers in the league tables. Whether you are looking to expand existing reserves, acquire new assets, or streamline operations, we can support your long-term growth with services that include:
tcm:9-41755 We have offices to serve you in Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, and Calgary. To put our experience to work for you, call us today:

Energy Capital Services:
1-214-922-4200 (Dallas)
1-713-286-3065 (Houston)
1-213-236-4224 (Los Angeles)
1-403-233-4805 (Calgary)

Energy Treasury Services: 
1-214-922-4233 (Dallas)
1-713-286-3055 (Houston)