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Asset-Based Lending & Financing

With more than 35 years of experience in asset-based financing,###DISCLAIMER:2_0 Financing - Short### Union Bank provides a full range of solutions and services. We are a strong and stable commercial bank with a national presence.

Using a combination of accounts receivable, inventory, equipment, or real estate, we offer asset-based solutions that include:
  • Revolving lines of credit
  • Letters of credit with the ability to lend on in-transit inventory
  • Term loans
  • Financing with seasonal inventory advance rates tied to the trade cycle
  • Senior stretch term loans
  • "One-stop" financing with junior debt and noncontrol equity capital provided by UnionBanCal Equities, an affiliate of Union Bank, N.A.###DISCLAIMER:2_0 Mezzanine Finance### 
Asset-based financing is designed for:
  • Rapid growth
  • Expansion into new products or markets
  • High leverage
  • Capital-intensive industries
  • Acquisitions, recapitalizations, and turnarounds

Benefits of Working with Union Bank

When you work with Union Bank, you can expect:
  • Greater flexibility for rapid growth, acquisitions, recapitalizations, and turnarounds
  • Fast response to your credit requests from our decentralized decision-making process
  • Customized lending based on your company's unique situation
  • Syndication capabilities available for larger transactions
  • Financing through Export-Import Bank programs
  • Comprehensive experience and consistency in the market
tcm:9-41798 For more information, call one of our Asset-based Financing specialists today:

Richard Stang, 1-646-452-2522

Eric Maloy, 1-214-922-4228

Kevin Wisel, 1-214-922-4201

Jean Grasso, 1-213-236-5301
Strong Global Partner
Strong Global Partner
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