Contact the Team

Union Bank's CDF group employs an expert staff with decades of experience in debt and equity financing and a passion for community development. Members of the CDF team help customers navigate complex financial and regulatory issues to create affordable housing with an emphasis on smart growth and environmental sustainability. For more information, please email or contact a member of the team directly.


Annette Billingsley
Senior Vice President
and Division Head
(925) 947-2486
Judy Kong-Cheung
Senior Vice President Chief Financial Officer
(925) 947-2457
Terce Sandifer
Senior Vice President Originations Manager
(925) 947-2473
Chris Johnston
Vice President/Co-Director of Asset Management
(425) 452-1880
Rita Wang
Vice President/Co-Director of Asset Management
(925) 947-2445

Northern California & Pacific Northwest

Jonathan Klein
Senior Vice President / Northern California and Pacific Northwest Market Manager
(925) 947-2461
Bryan Friend
Vice President
(425) 452-1486
Fiona Hsu
Vice President
(925) 947-2449
Ted Holman
Vice President
(925) 947-2491
Debbie Koski
Assistant Vice President
(925) 947-2412
Dameon Philpotts
Assistant Vice President
(925) 947-3069
Angela Seitz
(925) 947-2490

Southern California

Johanna Gullick
Senior Vice President / Southern California Market Manager
(310) 551-8967
Brian Frankel
Vice President
(925) 947-2479
Perica Bell
Vice President
(310) 551-8964
Jessica Mackenzie
Assistant Vice President
(310) 551-8969