Contribute to a tax-advantaged IRA before April 17

Talk to us before this year's April 17 tax filing deadline. Union Bank® can give your Individual Retirement Account (IRA) a check-up to help maximize its tax and investment benefits.

Why invest in an IRA?

If you are employed and looking to reduce your taxable income while saving for retirement, a traditional or Roth IRA might be the right choice. There are a number of differences between the two, such as your tax bracket during retirement. Let us help you find the best option to meet your goals.

When is the best time to make annual contributions to an IRA?

While you can contribute up to April 17 to reduce the prior year's tax liability, investing at the beginning of each year gives you more time in the market and potentially greater returns over the life of your IRA. This can make a big difference to your retirement savings over a 20- to 40-year career.

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