Primary benefits

Up to 500 free checking items per cycle

Conduct your business freely and expediently with up to five hundred no-fee transactions every month

Fee-free monthly cash deposits

Make cash deposits of up to $20,000 per statement cycle for no fee

No incoming wire fee

Wire without worry. Put your money to other uses with no incoming wire fees.

Core features

Online Banking with Bill Pay

Safely and conveniently check your business account balances, transfer funds and more

Mobile Banking with Check Deposit

Use your mobile device to securely and conveniently deposit checks for your business anytime, anywhere

Debit Card with Digital Wallet

Union Bank® Debit Mastercard® Business Card offers you a convenient and secure way to access your money, and make payments and purchases with ApplePay®, GooglePay™, and Samsung Pay®  

Product Guide

Read our product guide for more information about this account.

Additional checking account information

Monthly Fees and ATM Fees

Monthly Service Charge
$22 (with Online Statement)
$24 (with Paper Statement)
NOTE: If check images are requested with your Paper Statement, an additional $3 monthly fee will apply for front image of checks and $10 for both front and back image of checks.
How to avoid the monthly service charge
No Monthly Service Charge when you meet the qualifying balance or use a qualifying service. Any of the following will qualify you to avoid the Monthly Service Charge:

Balance Options:
  • $10,000 Monthly Average Balance
  • $20,000 Monthly Combined Balance of linked business and personal accounts
Qualifying services:
  • Linked business loan or line of credit
  • Qualifying Merchant Service transaction
  • Qualifying Remote Deposit transaction
  • Qualifying Online Financial Center Wire transaction
  • Qualifying web ACH transaction
Monthly Activity Fee: Combined transactions
Combined Transactions at no charge 500

Additional combined transaction $0.40 each
Monthly Activity Fee: Cash Deposited
Cash deposit – no charge up to $20,000

Additional cash deposit $2 per $1,000
ATM Fees: Union Bank ATM Transactions
$0 When using a Union Bank ATM to complete deposits, withdrawals, and transfers between linked Union Bank accounts.

$1 When using a Union Bank ATM to obtain a mini statement.
ATM Fees: Non-Union Bank ATM Transactions
$0 For any Inquiries, Transfers, or Withdrawals while using a domestic non-Union Bank ATM, plus any fees the ATM owner or operator may charge.

$0 For any Inquiries, Transfers, or Withdrawals while using a non-Union Bank ATM outside of the U.S., including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, plus any fees the ATM owner may charge.

Fee is waived for Business Extra Checking account holders.

Fees for using your account when funds are not available:

Overdraft fees
$33 For each Debit/Item received for payment when you do not have enough money in your account or through an Overdraft Protection service. The fee is charged when the Debit is paid (Overdraft Item Paid) or returned (Overdraft Item Returned). There is a maximum of 6 Overdraft Fees per day. We will not charge this fee if your account is overdrawn less than $5.
Continued overdraft fee
$7 Daily fee is charged for up to 5 Business Days beginning the 7th calendar day the account has been continuously overdrawn. The 1st calendar day is the day the overdraft occurred. No more than $35 will be charged for each period of continued overdraft.
Business deposit overdraft protection transfer fee (if you are enrolled)
$0 Each day a transfer of Available Funds is made through Business Deposit Overdraft Protection. Please see the Business Accounts & Services Disclosure and Agreement for details.
Business cash reserve account (subject to credit approval)
$10 Advance Fee each day an advance of $10 or more occurs from the Business Cash Reserve Account.

Annual Percentage Rate (APR): (rates as of 01/01/2019)

16.8% for credit lines < $5,000

14.8% for credit lines ≥ $5,000

$25 Annual Fee.

Advances are subject to available credit on the Business Cash Reserve Account. The Advance Fee and Annual Fee are charged to the Business Cash Reserve Account. Ask a banker about current rates. Other terms and conditions apply and are subject to change. Please see the Business Cash Reserve Account Disclosure and Agreement for details.
Business line overdraft protection (subject to credit approval)
$10 Daily advance fee will be charged to each designated eligible checking account each day an advance is made from your Business line of credit.

Advances are subject to available credit on the Business line of credit. Ask a banker about the Business Line Overdraft Protection service including rates, other fees, terms and conditions. Terms subject to change. Please see the Line Overdraft Protection Service Agreement and Disclosure for details.
Stop payment fee
$30 Per Item, or range of Items if the stop payment is placed through Telephone Banking Personal Service or at a Branch.

$15 Per Item, if the stop payment order is placed through Online Banking or Telephone Banking Direct Service at 800-238-4486.
Deposited item returned fee
$9 For each Item you deposit or each check cashed that is returned unpaid.

Example: You deposit a check from someone who didn’t have enough money in their account. The amount of the deposit will be subtracted from your balance and you will be charged the Deposited Item Returned Fee.
Automatic re-clear fee
$4 For each Item you deposit or each check cashed that is returned unpaid, there is the option to have the Item automatically re-deposited. Enrollment in this service is required.

Fees for additional business services

Outgoing domestic wires
$15 Online Financial Center

$20 Online Banking for Small Business

$20 Direct Access

$35 Branch – In Person

$65 Telephone
Outgoing international wires – USD
$20 Online Financial Center

$45 Direct Access

$55 Branch – In Person

$75 Telephone
Outgoing international wires – foreign currency
$15 Online Financial Center $35 Direct Access $45 Branch – In Person $75 Telephone
Online financial center wires monthly maintenance (to enroll in and use the service)

Overdraft choices

Learn more about overdraft protection

Debit card information

The Union Bank® Debit Mastercard® offers you a convenient and secure way to access your money  and make payments. Make purchases quickly and easily online, by phone, or at millions of merchant  locations worldwide.

Pay your bills over the phone or online.

Make purchases wherever Apple Pay®, Google Pay™ or Samsung Pay® are accepted. Learn how you can add your card.

Access cash at ATMs around the world.

Account terms

View account terms

Banking forms

See list of banking forms

Routing information

Bank Location
Bank Routing Number

SWIFT information

Wire type
Routing number
Fed Routing Number
International Wire Payments - SWIFT Code

Order checks

At Union Bank it is easy to order your business checks online or by phone.

Online - visit to place an order, view your order history, verify the order status, change designs, and more. 

Phone - discuss your unique business needs with a Deluxe Business Product Expert at 1-888-239-0558.

For account information details and terms and conditions governing our deposit accounts, see applicable Business Product Guide, Business Accounts & Services Disclosure and Agreement and applicable Business Deposit Fee Schedule (CA) / Business Deposit Fee Schedule (OR/WA).

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