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Analyzed Business checking

Put your working capital to work for you

$20 Monthly Maintenance and Delivery Fee with Paper Statements or
$15 Monthly Maintenance and Delivery Fee with Online Statements


No minimum to open

Analyzed Business checking is designed for businesses with large account balances and a high volume of transactions or those needing more complex cash management services.


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Primary benefits & features

Personalized guidance

As your trusted financial partner, we focus on you and your business as you grow to provide the right financial solutions and tools at the right time

Earnings Allowance

Receive earnings credits based on your account balance and use those credits to reduce your service charges, link multiple accounts increase your earnings

One Combined Statement

Receive one combined monthly statement for cash management services, checks written, items deposited, and other banking services in one detailed statement of activity

Cash Management Solutions

Access the cash management solutions you need to efficiently handle receivables, payables and fraud prevention

Additional checking account information

Debit card information

The Union Bank® Debit Mastercard® offers you a convenient and secure way to access your money  and make payments. Make purchases quickly and easily online, by phone, or at millions of merchant  locations worldwide.

Pay your bills over the phone or online.

Make purchases wherever Apple Pay®, Google Pay™ or Samsung Pay® are accepted. Learn how you can add your card.

Access cash at ATMs around the world.

Monthly, Activity, ATM, Cash Services, Deposit Administration, Late, and Uncollected Funds (UCF) Fees

Monthly Maintenance and Statement Delivery

$20 Monthly Maintenance and Delivery Fee with Paper Statements
$15 Monthly Maintenance and Delivery Fee with Online Statements

If check images are requested with your Paper Statement, an additional $3 monthly fee will apply for front image of checks and $10 for both front and back image of checks.

How to minimize the Monthly Maintenance and Statement Delivery Fee

Each month your business can receive earnings credits based on your account balance(s) and use those credits to reduce the monthly service charges for your linked accounts. 

Not all fees and charges are eligible for offset through your Earnings Allowance. These ineligible fees and charges will be directly charged to your Account on Analysis.

Activity Fees
Deposits - $1.50 per deposit
Checks Paid - $0.20 each
Checks Deposited - $.16 each
Canadian Checks Deposited - $2.00 each
Electronic Debits and Credit - $0.16 each
ATM Fees: Union Bank ATM Transactions

$0 When using a Union Bank ATM to complete deposits, withdrawals, and transfers between linked Union Bank accounts.

$1 When using a Union Bank ATM to obtain a mini statement.

ATM Fees: Non-Union Bank ATM Transactions

$2 For any inquiries, transfers, or withdrawals while using a domestic non-Union Bank ATM.

$5 For any inquiries, transfers, or withdrawals while using a non-Union Bank ATM outside of the U.S.

Cash Services: Branch/Night Deposit/ATM
Cash Deposit Verified (per $1,000)
First $20,000 deposited - No Charge
Additional Cash Deposit - $2.00 per $1,000

Coin Deposited
Standard Bags (FRB Specifications) - $5.00 per bag
Non-Standard - $7.00 per bag

Rolled Coin in Bag Surcharge - $5.00 per bag

Currency Orders (per $1,000) - $1.50 per $1,000

Coin Orders $0.15 per roll - $5.00 per box
Deposit Administration Fee
The Deposit Administration Fee may include FDIC assessment charges, financing corporation (FICO) charges, and other charges provided by law, and may also include administrative expenses incurred by the Bank in providing depository services. The FDIC charges member Insured Depository Institutions risk-based assessments to cover the costs associated with providing deposit insurance under the Federal Deposit Insurance Act as well as FICO assessments to cover the financing costs associated with the Federal Savings and Loan Crisis of 1987. The Deposit Administration Fee will be assessed monthly at a rate per $1,000 of average monthly adjusted ledger balance. The charge is variable and is subject to change by the Bank at any time without notice.
Late Fee
Earnings deficits which remain unpaid by the date specified on the Account Analysis statement will be assessed a late fee (compounded monthly). Deficit and late assessment amounts are subject to direct debit to the account.

Per month - 4%
Uncollected Funds (UCF)
Client usage of UCF is charged the Union Bank Reference Rate plus 4.0% per annum, computed on the average daily usage of uncollected funds for the month in question.

Fees for using your account when funds are not available:

Overdraft fees
$33 For each Debit/Item received for payment when you do not have enough money in your account or through an Overdraft Protection service. The fee is charged when the Debit is paid (Overdraft Item Paid). There is a maximum of 6 Overdraft Fees per day. We will not charge this fee if your account is overdrawn less than $5.
Continued overdraft fee
$7 Daily fee is charged for up to 5 Business Days beginning the 7th calendar day the account has been continuously overdrawn. The 1st calendar day is the day the overdraft occurred. No more than $35 will be charged for each period of continued overdraft.
Stop payment fee

$30 Per Item, or range of Items if the stop payment is placed through Telephone Banking Personal Service or at a Branch.

$15 Per Item, if the stop payment order is placed through Online Banking or Telephone Banking Direct Service at 800-238-4486 .

Deposited item returned fee

$9 For each Item you deposit, or each check cashed that is returned unpaid.

Example: You deposit a check from someone who didn't have enough money in their account. The amount of the deposit will be subtracted from your balance and you will be charged the Deposited Item Returned Fee.

Automatic re-clear fee
$4 For each Item you deposit, or each check cashed that is returned unpaid, there is the option to have the Item automatically re-deposited. Enrollment in this service is required.
Overdraft Balance Charge
Overdraft balances and related fees are charged the Union Bank Reference Rate plus 4.0% per annum, computed daily, with a minimum daily charge of $10, assessed from the time such overdraft balances are created and related fees are incurred. The minimum daily charge and accrued interest are then added to the overdraft balance.

Account terms

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Banking forms

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Routing information

Bank Location
Bank Routing Number

SWIFT information

Wire type
Routing number
Fed Routing Number
International Wire Payments - SWIFT Code

Order checks

At Union Bank it is easy to order your business checks online or by phone.

Online - visit to place an order, view your order history, verify the order status, change designs, and more. 

Phone - discuss your unique business needs with a Deluxe Business Product Expert at 1-888-239-0558.

For account information details and terms and conditions governing our deposit accounts, see applicable Business Accounts & Services Disclosure and Agreement and applicable Business Deposit Fee Schedule.

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